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This package was made for The Tool Jam 2.


Unity App Linker allows you to create shortcuts to other applications and even open unity assets inside them. As a jack-of-all-trades developer, I made this because I often have to switch applications to make slight adjustments to an image or a sound file, maybe open my screen recording software to make a gif of my progress. Searching for the application or the file and closing unity can often disturb my workflow. It is a small tool but I hope it will help you stay focused as well!

Please check out my other Tools on the Asset Store! I do not want to upload this small tool there on its own, but I am working on a bigger Utility Asset, which will include this package as well :)


Go to "Window/Star Banner Games/App Linker/App Linker Settings" to configure your applications. Apply your changes and wait for unity to recompile. Now you should have a Tab in the Toolbar called "App Linker", which lets you open all your Applications. To open an Asset in an Application, simply right click the Asset and select "Open In App/YourAppName".


If your file path has spaces your assets might not be able to load properly. This will be fixed in the Asset Store Version. Sorry :/


UnityAppLinker_v1.0.0.unitypackage 3 kB

Install instructions

In Unity, right click in the project window and select "Import Package/Custom Package" and locate the Package File.

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